A Used Wheelchair And Van Is Destined To Save And Empower Someone’s Life Today

How to say this? To have a wheelchair of your own is quite remarkable. You feel quite blessed. You also feel quite empowered because you are also able to do pretty much most things that most other people will be taking for granted. You have managed to customize your vehicle in such a way that you can drive your car just like any other road user would. And when you need to disembark after you have parked in your regular ‘disabled’ spot, you have leeway enough to mount yourself, unaided, into your wheelchair.

And then it is off to your regular business for the day that you will go. That word ‘disabled’ – there it is again – has been placed in parenthesis quite deliberately. Because as you well know, you’re not really disabled are you. At best, and even this is stretching it a bit, you’re physically challenged. Fair enough because still to this day, not enough is being done to make public spaces more amenable for wheelchair bound citizens like you.

used wheelchair vans

You feel challenged; just imagine what it must be like for those who have not had the affordable space to help themselves. You and plenty others besides, can help these underprivileged folks out. Start a fundraising campaign to purchase a set of affordable used wheelchairs for these folks. While you’re about it, you may as well start thinking about used wheelchair vans because sure enough, these poor folks are going to be needing it.

And you may as well start thinking about drivers and porters too. Some of these folks are practically bedridden, so they are always going to need vocational therapists who are dedicated to them for most of their waking hours.